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JECFA reports about the carrageenan

Posted on May 8, 2017 in Health

The re-evolution of carrageenan was started at the year of 1998 by the world health organization joining with FAO, which is ended in the year of 2001. The JECFA is an organization which has international experts of scientific and operated under the guidance of FAO which is appreciated as food and agriculture organization in the US along with WHO.

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The followers of JECFA organization has undergone a study on carrageenan, where it was hugely used. The government organisation of the countries like Norway, Australia, Canada, Finland, United States (FDA), Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, France, and the United Kingdom are involved in this research process.

At thetime of this research, the JEFA especially focus on the potential of carrageenan in about the gastrointestinal effects of ingestion of carrageenan. This process also includes an invention of the side effects on stomach flora which is caused by carrageenan, food processing conditions on carrageenan and the degradation of carrageenan in the stomach.

All the way through this research process on carrageenan, the JECFA focus on the following things,

  • nontoxicity studies,
  • metabolism,
  • reproduction
  • developmental toxicity,
  • short-term and long-term mammalian feeding researches

This study has included a study on feeding 7.5 years in monkeys which have a feeding properties same like ahuman being. In addition to this, the JEFA also includes the research about the current understanding of the concept of cell proliferation and promotion of tumours cells.

As a conclusion of this research, the JEFA tells that the feeding level of carrageenan was increased when taking the carrageenan in your food as one of the ingredients. The JECFA estimated that the human intake of carrageenan is 30-50 mg of man person per day will not give any negative effects.

The JECFA concluded that based on the researchers with rats if effects from ingestion of carrageenan were observed, the levels of ingestion far exceeded those of human intake.

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