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Chronos Digital Game Chess Clocks and Zmart Fun II Digital Chess Clocks

Posted on October 1, 2016 in Sports

6Talking about the digital chess clock download means talking about the Chronos Digital Chess Game Clocks and Zmart Fun II Digital Chess Clocks. Let us discuss one by one of its specification.

Chronos Digital Game Chess Clocks and Zmart Fun II Digital Chess Clocks

It is well known as the stylish design of chess clocks and the Digital Game Clock is no exception. It comes in 2 versions. They come with a push button or touchpad to choose from. This clock is designed for the durability and sophistication. It is built with a metal casing so that you can use it for years. Oer 70 pre-programme time control are offered and let you to avail of 12 custom defined time setting. You need 3 AA batteries for purchase. A thing you have to consider is the purpose and the budget. You have to prepare the budget and make sure it will not over the budget. You have to be careful in manage it, and it is better to get the clock with its guarantee. It is because of we do not know the age of this clocks, so it is better to get the earlier protection in the guarantee term.

You need to know this brand. The first one is Zmart Fun II Digital Chess Clock with Black Interior. It is an all-purpose digital chess clock. All if the necessary time setting required for various chess modes. They are the lightweight and the anti-slide attributes to reach the maximum stability and do not worry about the long term used because it covers  by the durable plastic case. The equipment of t is also fabulous. You can find the various time controls in it with its stainless steel touch sensors. Blitz, move counter options plays and increments and tournament modes are available here. 3 different LED light and button colors with its sound and light on and off options are available. They are red, blue, and green colors. It needs the 4C batteries and there is a year warranty for this clock.