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Losing Weight Easily

Posted on December 27, 2016 in Health

Thinking about losing weight but always fail along the way? Worried that you may gain weight again and again even after you are trying so hard to limit your consumption and fight the temptation to binge? Always fail in your attempts in losing weight no matter how hard you fight? You may do it wrong or it is possible that you consume only the wrong type of products.

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The Struggle of Losing Weight

Ask anyone who has been dealing with the weight loss struggle – it is not easy to lose even a pound or two. Not only you need to limit your intake (which means that you will have to fight the urge to eat), you will also need to exercise strenuously. So, what’s with the excessive efforts, anyway? Why can’t you take it cool and relax? With a clever choice, you can actually lose weight without having to deal with the excessive efforts – if you know how.

About PhenQ Supplement

Have you ever heard about PhenQ, a weight loss supplement that is claimed not only help you lose weight but improve your overall health too? If you think that all weight loss supplements are the same, then you don’t know the basic science. Despite the claim that all weight loss supplements can help you to lose weight, each of them is designed and made in different ways. Some are designed to curb your appetite only while some are designed to burn more calories. The PhenQ supplement is designed to change your natural metabolism so not only you can lose weight but you can also feel healthier and fitter.

Aren’t these kinds of supplements dangerous? Not really if you choose the natural products made from the natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about side effects because this product doesn’t contain stimulants – which can cause jittery and nervousness. If you still want to know more about it, feel free to visit phenqslimmingguide.com and learn about it.

Carrageenan in Today’s Food Reality

Posted on December 7, 2016 in Health

It is pretty common these days to have the processed foods. After all, we live in the modern era where efficiency and easiness become the main keys. If you are hungry, for instance, simply open the frozen pizza package, pop it into the microwave, and you are done. Your meal is ready in a couple of minutes only. Sure, it is a nice thing to be able to enjoy such foods these days but you also need to remember that these kinds of foods have their own additive and preservative.

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Today’s Foods Reality

Let’s face it; no matter how hard you try to avoid the so-called processed unhealthy foods, there is no way to escape it. The best thing that you can do is to accept the fact and have a smarter option. For instance, instead of going completely lost with all the processed foods, why not combining them? Instead of going all out with the frozen pizza, for instance, why not using the already processed dough and create your own topping with the natural ingredients from around you? Yeah, it is probably going to be even better if you can make your own dough but who has the time to do so these days?

Carrageenan Factor

You need to remember that not all additives or preservatives are bad or harmful. The carrageenan, for instance, is a pretty cool and mild additive. It is made from the red seaweed so it is pretty natural and even healthy. Carrageenan is responsible for the creamy and foamy textures of the yogurts, ice cream, or cottage cheese. It is also used in other industry such as creams and toothpaste.

Without the carrageenan, most of the foods you know will probably turn watery and pretty disgusting. After all, appearance is very important in the food industry because visual is the major factor that will encourage buyers to buy the products.

Detox of South Florida: Their Expertise

Posted on November 21, 2016 in Health

Having an addiction issue? Never underestimate such an issue because it can take a serious toll on every aspect of your life. Your work may be affected seriously. Your relationship may be ruined. Your financial condition may be damaged. Your health may be in a dangerous state. In short, addiction will only create a negative outcome for those who have undergone it. If such issue happens to you, you know how difficult it is to find the reliable rehab and detox center.

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Which Center Is the Perfect One?

Keep in mind that the perfect rehab center isn’t the one that is the most expensive but the one that can cater to your needs. Do you want a center with qualified and experienced professionals? Do you want a center with complete facilities and amenities? Do you want a center that can combine serious treatments and therapies with recreational activities? Do you want a center focusing on the inpatient or outpatient care? All of these things should be considered carefully because it will determine your success in combating the issue as well as your comfort during the treatment process.

South Florida Detox Center

If you happen to live in Florida and you want to choose only the best detox center, you can always check the DetoxOfSouthFlorida ; they also have the official website. If you want to read more about their overall service, their expertise, their qualification, and their success, feel free to browse around the website. You may think that they are just the same as other detox centers but they aren’t. They have the skills, the professional staffs, and the experience that will be able to help you with your addiction issue – whether it is alcohol or drugs.

Mind you that you should be thorough and careful when choosing the right rehab center. Some centers are more interested in ripping you off while the others may have the sincere intention to help you out. So pick the right center and don’t rush things.


Questioning the Safety of Carrageenan

Posted on November 2, 2016 in Health

Your concern about carrageenan, it might lead to your question, is carrageenan safe? It is absolutely safe. The rumor about carrageenan is not true. People got mixed up between carrageenan and poligeenan which is made from the similar seaweed but with a different process.

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There is nothing to be concern about carrageenan

Generally, people believe that eating foods which contain carrageenan. They usually consume it because they have digestive problems. More than a decade ago, many people questioned about the potential for carrageenan to be a health hazard because lab tests showed which exposure to large amounts of degraded carrageenan. It could cause intestinal damage in some species of rodents and primates.

To know about the safety of carrageenan, it is important to know about the degraded carrageenan. It is not the same as carrageenan which is used in food products. The degraded carrageenan is referred to poligeenan. It is a substance which is very different with carrageenan. Besides that, between carrageenan and poligeenan do not have the same properties. Poligeenan cannot be used in food products but carrageenan can.

Many types of research have been conducted since 2001. For more than a decade, it indicated that food grade carrageenan exposure does not cause any damage to intestinal walls. It does not break down into poligeenan during food processing or digestion too. Moreover, carrageenan could be beneficial. From the beginning, the seaweed was boiled in water or milk. And then, it was extracted and used to soothe the digestive system. It can be used to treat ulcers and taken as a laxative.

Besides that, the consumption of carrageenan can be used as the potential to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. The research about it has been done for so long. It seems that the use of carrageenan is good for foods and health.


What to Do to Improve Your Vaping Moment

Posted on October 21, 2016 in Health

You can always buy the pure VG to improve your vaping experience but there are some handy and creative methods that you can try on your own. No, I’m not suggesting you make your own cheap e juice although there are many websites providing the guidance and instructions. I’m just saying that there are safer and better ways to improve your electronic cigarette enjoyment without you having to put yourself in the harm’s way.


Throat Hit, Anyone?

In case you are looking for a better and stronger throat hit, consider adding a pure grain alcohol. You should start small and slow when it comes to getting the right throat punch that you need. Simply add a drop first and see how it affects the taste – and see how you like it. If you feel like adding another drop, feel free to do so but don’t be carried away. Overdoing it will make the taste weird and not pleasant. So, don’t rush things ad try to do your own small experiment.

Cleaning Your Device

Cleaning your electronic cigarette regularly is a must if you want your device to last and to perform well. Keep in mind that dark juices tend to gum your device up faster if you don’t want the taste to change. If you use the dark juice pretty much, you will have to clean your cigarette more often than the regular schedule.

Experiment Is Crucial

Don’t be afraid to do your own experiment. Mixing juices on your own can be fun as long as you are being logical. You can also experiment with the sellers and find out that different vendors will have different products and outcome. Some vendors may truly sell the totally pure VG, for example, with its thick and strong quality. Some, however, may see the low-quality VG that is quite runny because it has been mixed with water.


Carrageenan Cancer – Do Not Believe the Rumor

Posted on October 2, 2016 in Health

a3Say thank you to the Internet. You have the free access to all the matters in the world. It starts with the healthy diet to any diseases. Of course, not all information on the internet is reliable. Some of them are rumors without strong evidence and facts. Unfortunately, it is easier to believe the rumors than searching the facts. Recently, some people believe carrageenan cancer. In short, carrageenan is the trigger of cancer. In addition, this food additive is considered as a dangerous ingredient. It does not have any benefits for ahuman. Is that true? Should we follow the rumor?

  • Some Reasons to Dismiss the Rumor

There are some reasons to get rid the rumor of carrageenan cancer from your mind. Here are the facts of carrageenan. First, carrageenan is a food additive from the red algae. There are two types of carrageenan, the food grade carrageenan, and poligeenan. Food-grade carrageenan is safe. It has been used since 400 AD as ahome remedy and food additive. If carrageenan were poisonous, people would not use it at all. Next, the experts approve carrageenan for human consumption. The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives states that carrageenan is safe for foods and the other products. The third reason to dismiss the rumor is related with the misinformation study on carrageenan. The experts do not approve poligeenan since it is not for human consumption. However, people are mistaken with the result of the study since carrageenan and poligeenan are from the same source.

Those are some reasons to save you from the rumor. After you get the facts, you can get rid the carrageenan cancer rumor without hesitation. We can get more benefits from carrageenan. First, carrageenan creates the perfect texture for foods such as yogurt, tofu, and milk. Moreover, carrageenan maintains the lifespan of food products. Therefore, we can consume the food products without any problems. In addition, carrageenan has a big impact on humanity. Foods with carrageenan can be distributed for areas with limited food access. It means carrageenan is not only beneficial in health but also in social matters.



Why should we move to air fryer?

Posted on September 20, 2016 in Health

We all know that there are many obesity cases and health problem due to the brutality of choosing foods. Some people that love junk food usually come as the person that has the problem because they don’t make it in line with the number of workouts. They only eat and they don’t think about the workout to keep the calories burned. Sometimes we have to think about the foods and how we can make it metabolized well by the body so when we are free to eat anything we have to work out more. Another way to keep us healthy is changing the way of cook. If you have known about the danger of hot oil, we have to move into air fryer and start learning how to cook with air fryer. Why should we move to air fryer?



It is the good chance to leave your dependent body of frying with oil. Almost all people love to eat fried foods like fried chicken, noodle, and much more. That’s not good for our body. If you love deep fried foods, it’s time to move using best air fryer. We all know an air fryer is an appliance that lets the owner have hot air inside the pan to cook the foods. The air will be circulated by the air fryer and its how the foods are cooked inside. Another reason why you have to replace your previous pan with air fryer is that it can cook in many ways. You can roast, bake, and grill at the same time with the same device. You don’t have to use microwave, oven, or others to cook but just air fryer. We all know that the more practical of the device, it will be more useful. It also happens on air fryer that has so many functions to cook.


The Simple Meditation Techniques

Posted on September 6, 2016 in Health


Talking about meditation techniques, it means to talk about the simple one for the beginner. There are no reasons any more to leave or skip your meditation schedule after you try these techniques. What are they?

Six Meditation Techniques and Methods Simple

The first one is the guided meditations. You can use Google Play to guide your meditation or the newest one, SoundCloud. The second is the Cande Staring. It is very useful, especially for you, who get difficult in focus. You can light  a candle and stare at it until your attention is held. Let everything that disturbs your mind away.

The third is Mantra. You only have to repeat this word over and over again and it can help you to calm and focus. You can change the word to anything you love, but make sure it makes you relax. The fourth is a visualization. You need to picture an idyllic or setting your mind and focus on the picture. The fifth is present moment meditation. You need to close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath rhythm. You only need to take few moments here and let your focus to anything touching your body. You have to notice the sensation and reverse this process and rebeck. A step at a time to your breath. The last becomes the observer. Close your eyes and try to focus on a spot about an inch. In this case, you can use the spot between your eyebrows. It is called third eye Chakra. You can start to watch what your mind and body are feeling. Next, you just need to think and do.

You can check your emotional and mental state improve after you did this for some times. You also can see your calm and expand after the meditation. You only need to spend 10 minutes a day to make a change in your life.


Is Carrageenan Bad for Your Health?

Posted on July 18, 2016 in Health

Do you think that carrageenan can turn into a harmful substance once it has entered your system? Do you think the natural substance will undergo a certain chemical process that will turn it into a harmful substance – even lead to the development and growth of cancerous cells? Do you believe that carrageenan remains dangerous and deadly even after so many claims of its health benefits and advantages?


Carrageenan: The Food Grade Ingredient

Carrageenan is basically a stabilizer or a thickener that is used in the food industry. It is a food grade addition that will improve the taste and appearance of the foods. The carrageenan alone is extracted from the red algae, which is known for its health benefits. That’s why carrageenan is believed to be completely safe and healthy when consumed.

The Rumor

However, there has been an ongoing rumor about carrageenan; about how it can be dangerous and even lethal when consumed. People who aren’t familiar with the whole thing think that once carrageenan is consumed and entered the body’s system, it will turn into a carcinogen – which can lead to cancerous cells growth.

The Fact

Carrageenan is different from poligeenan, another string of carrageenan that has to be processed in an acid-bath treatment. Poligeenan can be created only through several requirements, such as washing it for 6 hours at 194 degrees Fahrenheit and it has to use acidity level of 1. Some people claim that the digestive process in the body will turn the carrageenan into poligeenan.

However, such claim isn’t true at all. First of all, your stomach temperature is only 99 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no way that your digestive system will hold such food (or ingredient) for as long as 6 hours. Second, the stomach acidity level is only 2.5. Keep in mind that the lower the number is, the more acidic it will be. So, Is carrageenan bad? Not if you only consume the real one.